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"No fluff... just brilliant"

"I used to have to wade through hours of podcasts on 2x speed to get the 8 minutes of gold that I was looking for... until I found Sharran's 10K Wisdom podcast. No fancy intro music, no outro pitch, no fluff.. just brilliant. It is on-point wisdom episode after episode. I listen to every episode twice... you should too."
Dean Aguilar
CEO, Digital Muse Media

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Members-only Private Podcast

Private soundbites for business professionals… delivering a $10,000+ positive shift in value with each and every episode


The private podcast that delivers a $10,000+ positive shift in value with every single episode…by sharing some of the most profitable ideas in business today


No fluff, to the point, ongoing release of episodes during the week. There is no schedule to wait for… because money loves speed.


Valuable insights from closed door conversations. I break down what is happening in corner offices and boardrooms right now. 


Actual questions from real entrepreneurs and CEOs ranging from Startup founders, top sales people to 9-figure entrepreneurs

No Fluff.. Just High Value Actionable Insights

Each one of these lessons and principles comes from private boardroom or 1-on-1 conversations with my Team, high level CEOs I mentor, Mastermind Groups I support, and the Founders and CEOs whose companies I’ve invested in… conversations which encapsulate BIG valuable lessons.

If I cannot see an individual idea clearly leading to a $10K+ shift in value, I do not bother sharing it here…

You will only receive the most direct, most profitable insights which are currently being used to scale 8 and 9-figure businesses.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Small “Pivots” in your business that slash expenses and skyrocket profitability
  • The secrets to 2X, 3X, even 5X your productivity, have more free time and eliminate stress
  • How millionaires and billionaires automate their money
  • Growth secrets from Silicon Valley’s most explosive startups
  • How top CEOs structure their businesses
  • Tools and technology that build shortcuts and automate your success
  • … and more but only with the filter of a $10K shift in value per episode

"It's straight up like triple shot espresso"

"Thank You Sharran. Every message you send is good guidance and thoughtful leadership. You often make me smile and are definitely one of the best parts of my day."
Tacia Domrose
The Domrose Team
"I buy all of Sharran's stuff immediately because it's filled with value... and I binge on 10K Wisdom since it right to the point like a straight up triple shot espresso."
Nainil Chheda
LinkedIn Expert

The 4 Pillars of Supercharged Growth

Every week you’ll gain finger-on-the-pulse business wisdom, giving you the knowledge and understanding to explode your bottom line through each of the following areas:
(1) Sales and Marketing, (2) Productivity, (3) Culture & Leadership and of course (4) Money.

1. Sales & Marketing

The game has changed. What used to work no longer applies. These are the new rules of marketing and sales that top CEOs and entrepreneurs are now using to achieve massive scale in their businesses

2. Productivity

Closely guarded secrets of the world’s most productive high performers for getting more done… while still maintaining your family life, health, and sanity

3. Money

The infrastructure and frameworks millionaires and billionaires utilize to grow their bottom line, move operating cash, and optimize for tax advantages

4. Culture & Leadership

Little-known strategies the most successful teams and leaders use to build a bulletproof culture of winning while making difference

"Passionate and Engaging"

"He is a passionate & engaging story teller who absolutely loves what he does, which is helping others to reach the same level of success he has gained. If you haven't looked into Sharran's content, you're doing yourself a disservice!!”
Eldrick Garcia
CEO, Fishbone

Your 10K Insights will include

  • How to effortlessly crank out mountains of the world’s most in demand commodity (content)

  • The secret to instantly DOUBLE your productivity and identify “hidden drags” that are draining your time and energy right now

  • How to exponentially grow your business in UNDER 30 minutes a week

  • The truth about borrowing money and how to create “Liquidity On-Demand”

  • How the “Elite 1%” leverage money to buy back time… and make more money

  • The ultra-simple, fully automated “Tech Hack” that adds a full 8th day of productivity to your week (WITHOUT you doing any more work)

  • An easy 3-Step Framework to annihilate any obstacle that comes between you and your big goals

  • And more valuable 5, 6, and 7-figure+ insights every single week…multiple times a week… week in and week out

"My go-to advisor"

"Sharran is my go-to advisor for growth and deal structuring... and he taught me one lesson that every single one of my client's knows and memorizes... good process drives good results."
Jason Capital
The King of High Income Skills

What makes me qualified to share this with you?

That’s a very fair question so please let me give you some background so that you can be the judge yourself…

✅ I have had 5 exits of various kinds in the last 19 years. Most recently including Teles Properties — which we scaled 10X from $340 Million to over $3.4 Billion in sales within 5 years (landing us on the Inc. 500 list 4 years in a row).

✅ I currently serve as a mentor and private advisor to eight CEOs and Entrepreneurs… whose collective top line sales exceed $1 Billion.

✅ I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a MBA with Honors in Finance from Vanderbilt, if that kinda stuff impresses you. 

✅ I worked with Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse across investment management roles, primarily managing money for entrepreneurs with liquid investable assets of over $10 million each.

✅ I am currently invested in 21 portfolio companies in various capacities through my venture fund that I run with my partner for over a decade and mentor Peter Loewy. This model allows me to invest in companies as an Angel investor and Venture Capitalist.

✅ I am founder of the popular “5am Club,” giving me direct, daily access to a network of over 6,500 Executives and Entrepreneurs. 

✅ On a weekly, if not daily, basis I am involved in high level discussions with some of the smartest minds in business. These conversations produce insanely valuable ideas and revelations, which I am now summarizing in easily digestible nuggets, and downloading to you.

✅ There are many interviews with me on YouTube, my top-rate Spotify podcast “Business School”… you are welcome to check those out to see if you gel with my style!

"Best mentor on every level"

If it has Sharran Srivatsaa’s name on it, it’s worth my time. If Sharran is a part of it, I want to be a part of it also. If Sharran says that I should listen to it, or read it, it goes on my list. He isn’t just a modern guru looking to sell you the latest philosophy ...  He is a genuine and sincere gift to humanity and gives freely of his time to help others reach their goals.  From the 5AM Club to his productivity and money courses that I refer back to countless times he gives sound advice and help that moves the needle forward. Sharran is the best mentor and coach on every level and the only thing I would change is meeting him five years earlier! I have grown more in the last year with his help than any other time in my life and I cannot say enough about his authentic and genuine support. 
Connie Alexander
White House Real Estate

Key Highlights of the 10K Wisdom Private Podcast

✅ $10K wisdom is your backstage pass to closed door meetings and private conversations where the most valuable strategies for business growth and profitability are discussed

✅ Every week, multiple private $10K soundbites — for your ears only — will be delivered directly to a member’s only folder hosted within your favorite podcast player on your phone

✅ Direct access to the most impactful information and teachings I share with my $50K – $100K, 1-on-1 CEO mentoring clients

✅ With each episode capable of providing a $10K or greater positive shift in your life and business, and unrestricted lifetime access to all past and future episodes… You can expect not just a 10X ROI on your investment, but an infinitely positive ROI 

✅ More than $100K worth of immediately accessible, value-shifting wisdom available as soon as you unlock your membership

✅ When you’re plugged into my $10K Wisdom, you will always have your finger on the pulse of the most exciting opportunities in business and dangerous threats to avoid

What top entrepreneurs are saying...

Sharran's 10K Wisdom podcast is amazing. He provides information and tactics you can use in your business immediately. The episode called "What to do when you feel stuck" is so good. It gave me an insight and perspective I never thought about. One of the 3 things he suggested is planning. I think that one idea alone is going to change my business.
Beverly Herrera
Elation Real Estate
“It’s only been a few days, but Sharran’s methods are fantastic. I’m a former Exec, retired, and now unretired -- didn’t think I could optimize much more, as I was already highly productive. But I’ve been scouring the web on the best worklife habits and thus far Sharran’s methods have proven to be the most practical / tangible.”
Josh Ketter
“I am always skeptical of systems that other people teach us but Sharran is different. His stuff is ultra-practical because he can point to exactly how he uses it in his life and it’s battle-tested.”
Jesse Salas
“Sharran’s delivery on these strategies in on point. There is no fluff and it’s straight up gold. It’s easy to over think the stuff we don’t know but when someone can draw it out or build it out for you live… right there, then you know you can just do it.”
Vikram Deol
Sales Growth Coach

You have questions. I have answers.

Very fair question. With a simple answer.

In short, the ONLY thing that is the SAME as a regular podcast is the delivery system.

The content itself is entirely different (and cannot be reached from the public podcast menu. You will get an exclusive download link so you can add the podcast to your library)

98% of all podcasts are designed to give you a small sample of value so that you will spend money on someone’s product or service.

$10K wisdom is designed to give you a disproportionately large amount of value, so much so that it can easily lead to a $10,000+ gain in your business or life.

Instead of hours of interviews and rants going on ad nauseum about a given topic…

I’ve curated all the most impactful ideas I discover or develop and have boiled them down into highly actionable insights you can absorb through 10-15 minute soundbites.

I get it.

You’re feeling a bit skeptical about the $10K Wisdom Membership, which is okay. I understand where you’re coming from.

I was a bit skeptical too when I first started paying well over $100,000 for mentors and access to their closely guarded strategies and information.

I didn’t know if it would work for me, let alone anyone else. But over the years, buying directly into high level knowledge and information has been one of my best decisions (not to mention my most used and favorite shortcut).

That’s why I am am publishing every episode from the single filter… does this provide a $10,000+ shift in value.

This shift could come in various forms

– Mindset

– Marketing

– Operations

– Money

– Meaning

– Productivity

– Relationships 

– Strategies and Tactics

– Specific Q&A that CEOs and entrepreneurs are asking right now…


The best part is… this is NOT like an online course where you have 7 modules and then you are done and have to fend for yourself.

This is an ongoing commitment from me to serve you.

As the times change, the advice has to change and the strategies have to match the environment… which is why I am committing to doing this over and over, week-in and week-out. 

There is NOTHING in the world like this with this kind of commitment to value.


These are principles that apply to business, wealth, and productivity no matter your location.

I am a private advisor, investor and mentor to top CEOs and Entrepreneurs around the world from North America and Central America, to Europe, Asia and Australia / New Zealand.

These strategies work for them, and they will work for you too.

This is the easiest part!

Just click the button below, and then fill out your information so we can send you your private download link to immediately access over $100,000 of wisdom already waiting for you.

This means that in the next few moments you will be able to start applying the exact same concepts I have learned from other millionaires and billionaires, strategies I have developed operating 9-figure businesses, and insights I share with my CEO mentoring clients.

Just click the button you see below right now to get started.

Required Listening

This is "required" for all the CEOs I mentor and the Entrepreneurs in my mastermind groups...

I am excited to share with you the exact private podcast that I give to all the CEOs I mentor and the entrepreneurs in my mastermind groups not only for the ongoing insights but also because the Q&A that you will see comes directly from them… real life, in the trenches ideas and insights that the gurus are too afraid to talk about on social media while flaunting their jets and lambos. 

"He is an advisor to my company"

"Sharran is the King of Scaling businesses... he built his real estate business to $3.4 Billion in just 5 years and then sold it. He is also an advisor to my company."
Bedros Keuilian
CEO, Fit Body Bootcamp

Just a sampling of the episodes you get access to immediately...

How to grow your business in under 30mins a week

Q&A: What is one thing that I can do every single week, that will take less than 30 minutes, that will help my business and help my brand, guaranteed. 

The single secret to creating tons of content without much stress

Q&A: Dude… how do you crank out so much content?

What to do when you feel stuck?

Q&A: What do you do when you feel stuck? I break down my quick 3-part process to get me unstuck.

$1 million in under 30 days

In this episode I share one single strategy that one of my clients (in professional services) used to book $1 million in professional fees in under 30 days without spending a dollar on marketing

3 questions to hire for good culture

Q&A: What was your culture fit test, how did you communicate it, and what questions did you ask when you were hiring someone?

The 3 Hammers

In this episode I break down a behind the scenes conversation with the CEO and CMO of a Fortune 100 company and how a $29/mo investment will save them hundreds of thousands of dollars a month

Why your words become your experiences

In this episode I am going to share a harsh truth with you… on how a few simple choices of words can determine the entire course of our days, our ongoing feelings towards life, the strength of our most intimate relationships, and most definitely how much money we can make.

Winning without doing any proposals

Q&A: Do you have any advice for client proposals? We do a lot of them after an initial consult and we get beat down on all the terms and fees. I am so tired of doing proposals, it’s not even exciting anymore to win a client with a proposal. Is there a shift that we can use on our team?

How to recruit great sales people?

In this episode I walk through a model that I have used in the past to recruit great sales people and C-Level talent, and have also taught this same model to some of the fastest growing “people-driven” organizations that I consult with… it’s a simple model that can switch your “pitch” completely and make people love you and stay loyal to you for a looong time.

$240 million lesson

In this episode I want to tell you about my client who wanted to go from $120m a year to $240m a year… and how you can use the insight I gave him for you to get whatever you want (no joke)

What do I talk to my coach about?

In this episode I break down what I actually talk to my coach about… and maybe it will give you sense of what you should be talking to your coaches and mentors about!

2 things that every CEO must master

In this episode I break down the 2 things that every entrepreneur/CEO must get MASTERY on to achieve greatness (no exceptions).

... all this and so much more.

Roughly under 10 minutes per episode with each episode designed to give you a $10K shift in your thinking, leadership and immediate strategy.

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