The Business Mind Memo 03 – Sharran Srivatsaa

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You can attract lucky simply by sharing your work publicly

James Clear

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else — you are the one who gets burned

Buddhist Saying

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different?

C.S. Lewis



Regardless of who we are or what we do, we experience problems daily. So how do you solve a problem? In this episode, Sharran shares his 7-Step Problem Solving Framework. The steps are easy enough to remember, but you have to put them into practice until you master how to solve any problem. The first step is to understand that “fear has no place on paper.” Stay tuned to learn the rest of the steps and get ready to transform your way of thinking.  

“The problem is NOT the problem. The problem is HOW YOU THINK about the problem.” 

– Dan Sullivan

– Work out all problems ON PAPER

– DATA dump everything

– SOLVE the problem or MOVE ON

– Define the OUTCOME

– The FIVE DECISIONS you have to make

– WHO must you involve

– Memorialize the LEARNING


Activate your 4-week, 20 module, real life MBA


Why you should give it all away...

A lot of people have been talking to me about not putting out their best ideas on the inner webs because of fear that someone is going to steal them.

I used to think that way too.

Here is one of the worst piece of advice that I have ever gotten:
Give them the WHAT but not the HOW.

So say for example I was explaining business growth…

Maybe in this instance we say that there are 3 pillars for growing your business:
1. Leverage
2. Culture
3. Systems

But then never telling you HOW to actually use leverage, culture and systems in your business.

That is just super sad.

I used to be like this… I would save the “best” ideas in Evernote…

… and nobody would read it and it would never see the light of day.

That’s insane.

But about 4 years ago, I was getting a new computer setup and was reinstalling Evernote and saw so many of these “best ideas” archived in random notes that I felt disgusted with myself.

What was even sadder was this:
Some of them were not even great ideas looking back but at that time I thought of them as amazing.

This was actually one of the BIG reasons I started the podcast so that I could create a container for all the commonly asked questions that takes me 1-2 hours to answer thoughtfully.

And 9 out of 10 people won’t even listen, think, and implement.

Which is totally okay.

I know this because I recently added up close to $30,000 worth of online courses that I know of that I have paid for and bought in the last 5 years. I know this because I was organizing my logins and passwords and I did a little excel counting.

Even I have not gone through a SINGLE course completely that I paid good money to buy.

That’s crazy.

My point is this:

  • I have stopped thinking about anything as a “best” idea anymore.
  • I literally want to answer a question or solve a problem.
  • If someone asks me “How do I do X” – if I know and I have the time or resources, I am 100% happy to answer it so that I can help them.

However, I am using a major filter right now which is extremely subjective:

I am asking myself this question, “If I spent all my time and resources giving this person the solution, what is the probability that they are going to execute on this?”

If my gut tells me there is a 90% or above probability that they will execute on it… then I do it… with a smile on my face.

Otherwise, I gracefully remove myself from the situation because I am sick and tired of building “how to” videos, workflows, documents, steps, and podcasts, videos, answers, to things that people have claimed is the bottle neck in their business… but nobody has taken any action on it.

Here is my point: Give it all away

All that said, give your best ideas away by helping people get what they want. That will help you build an amazing brand for yourself and create insane karmic balance in your favor.

There is a great James Clear quote:

You can attract luck simply by sharing your work publicly.

Seth Godin has a nice take on this in a recent blog post that he wrote called Stolen Ideas.

Don’t hold anything back… give it all away.

All the best,
Sharran “sharing everything” Srivatsaa



Stop living life in easy mode.

There are two options that set people apart in life…

And it all depends if you’re going to do the easy things – or the hard things.

And one of the most important things one can learn…

Is that if they choose to do what’s hard, life can turn out easy.

And if you choose to do what’s easy, life can turn out hard.

Because if you take a closer look at what most people are doing…

You’ll realize that most of them are unwilling to do what’s hard.

But what does hard mean?

Well – it could mean putting in the extra work…

It could mean that you put yourself out of your comfort zone…

And it could also mean that you do something you’ve never done before.

Because most people aren’t willing to do what’s hard because they’re not willing to pay the price.

So if you’re looking for the great separator that can help you set yourself apart as a winner…

Do NOT do what’s easy.

Do what’s “hard”, and take the path less taken.

And ask yourself – if there was one hard thing that you can do that will make you a better person, what would it be?

Will you be willing to pay the price for it?


Sharran Srivatsaa

Sharran Srivatsaa

Sharran Srivatsaa is a 4x Inc. 500 Entrepreneur with 5 exits in the last 19 years.

Most recently, Sharran grew Teles Properties by 10x in 5 years to $3.4 Billion in sales and eventually sold the business to Douglas Elliman. Sharran is a former Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse banker, a sought after keynote speaker, and angel investor.

In addition to mentoring CEOs in his ultra-exclusive Legends Program, Sharran also hosts the top-rated podcast “Business School” and is the creator of the wildly-popular 5am Club call for Entrepreneurs.


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