The Business Mind Memo 05 – Sharran Srivatsaa

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Never under estimate of having a person in your life that can always make you smile

Indian Proverb

If the flower is to be beautiful, it must be cultivated

Japanese Proverb

It's not difficult to know things. It's often difficult to do what you know.

Buddhist Proverb



While there is a lot of talk about finding a coach or mentor, very few people talk about what it takes to be an amazing coaching client.

In this episode I break down what it takes to be an amazing coaching client and how doing that brings out the best in you and in the coach. 

How to be an amazing coaching client
Here are the quick timestamps…

0:00 Why I recorded this episode
2:44 Remember The Big Four
4:35 Co-create goals with your mentor
7:41 Own the tracking and reporting
10:18 Don’t make big decisions without speaking to your coach
12:07 The Top Five and The Bottom Five
15:24 Sharran’s 3-Step Process to prepare for your coaching call
20:20 Never go overtime and don’t leave the call without commitments
22:44 Debrief: The Top 5 Takeaways after each session
24:40 Why you should follow this advice
27:32 Be the best client for your coach
31:11 Always express your gratitude and appreciation


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37 Lessons Learned Growing Teles 10x to $3.4 Billion

Today I want to share with you a no-BS list of 37 lessons learned from building one business and how we grew it more than 10x in 5 years to 700+ people and over 3.4 Billion in sales. 

Just to be clear… you can’t do something like this on your own.

And whoever says that they can, have done, or will do something like this on their own is ultra-delusional.

You can’t do this without a dream team.

Yes, I personally worked my face off.

But there was more at stake:

  • I had great business partners (and we stayed in our lanes for the most part)
  • We had a great team (loyal, kind, and ultra collaborative)
  • We had great investors and advisors (who cared about our success)
  • We also had awesome competitors (who pushed us to be better)

So, after so sold our business to a New York based company in our industry, I reflected on the things that I had personally learned from our time building and growing the business.

In fact, I put it all in a simple blog post (no opt-in etc… you can still read the original, unformatted post here after the sale of our business).

>> Click here to read the 37 lessons learned growing Teles 10x in 5 years

While all 37 lessons may not mean much to you, they are like children to me… I love them all equally.

However, based on where you are in your life… some may be more beneficial than others.

Here are a few I am thinking about right now

  • #2: Transformations don’t happen in isolation
  • #5: Don’t be an a**hole. You will always lose.
  • #11: Pony up. It’s OK to pay big bucks to access a mentoring relationship. It is a symbol of your seriousness.
  • #16: You get what you celebrate
  • #18: Focus is more important than intelligence
  • #30: The #1 problem that plagues high achievers is “big goal / no plan”
  • #32: When you find great partners, you will find the greatest joy that transcends everything
  • #36: You cannot do epic sh*t with B players. Upgrade the bench (from my mentor of 20 years Peter Loewy)
  • #37: When in doubt… go workout.
  • Click here to read all 37 lessons


In all honesty, I wrote these lessons down for myself.

I wrote these lessons down because my coach reminded me that unless I capture my insights and memorialize them, it becomes really hard to integrate them into my life, my outlook, and frankly into my nervous system.

Again, I am nowhere close to perfect.

But my partners and I had to go through insane highs and lows to learn this stuff, I hope you are able to install our years or pain, suffering, joy and success into your life from these quick insights.



Are you truly successful if you don’t feel fulfilled?
⁣Why do we always hear stories of people who seem to have everything…
⁣All of their financial needs are taken care of…
They have all the fame and recognition that most people only dream about…
Yet, we hear things about these people being unhappy and unfulfilled – despite having everything.
Listen – I believe that when it comes to success, we have to ask ourselves if what we’re doing is giving us fulfillment.
Are you feeling joy in your journey?
Because the next step that comes with having fulfillment is to ask yourself how you can attain it.
I believe that true fulfillment happens when we can start to create positive change for someone else.
And while we may not be able to change the entire world, we can at least change somebody else’s…
And if you can positively impact the life of one person…
You’ll quickly realize how much more fulfilled you’ll be.
So ask yourself: what is it do you want, and is that thing giving you fulfillment?
Because if you can partake in a mission that is bigger than yourself…
Your happiness and fulfillment will be unmatched.


Sharran Srivatsaa

Sharran Srivatsaa

Sharran Srivatsaa is a 4x Inc. 500 Entrepreneur with 5 exits in the last 19 years.

Most recently, Sharran grew Teles Properties by 10x in 5 years to $3.4 Billion in sales and eventually sold the business to Douglas Elliman. Sharran is a former Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse banker, a sought after keynote speaker, and angel investor.

In addition to mentoring CEOs in his ultra-exclusive Legends Program, Sharran also hosts the top-rated podcast “Business School” and is the creator of the wildly-popular 5am Club call for Entrepreneurs.


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