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Here is the truth: 

I have never met anyone that has made their first million dollars in income where it hasn't changed their lives and belief system forever.

But, more importantly why am I telling you this?
Here’s why…
Recently my coach asked me:
“Sharran… what do you believe so deeply that you can feel it in your bones?”
I responded without hesitating:
“I believe that every single person has the capability to make a million dollars… if they really want to.”
Since that day it planted a seed in me… 
… and it has ignited this deep desire to create a program to help entrepreneurs across industries to hit that 7-figure goal. 
In fact, I recently launched this program and the feedback has been off the charts. 
And after the first few weeks of supporting these entrepreneurs, I actually believe that my launch group is so great that I want to be ultra-careful with the “fit” factor as I open this up to a few new members. 
Which is why I am only sharing this with a very small group of people…

… and I am going to try and convince you to NOT join me on this one.

Yes, you read it correctly… I am going to try and convince you that this is not for you.

Here is why:

I have been thinking about building a small private mastermind for entrepreneurs who want to grow… specifically to hit their first million in income.

Honestly, the reason why I don’t think this is for most people is because most people are just not ready for this.

Which is totally cool. I respect that big time.

Also, that’s why I am not even creating fancy graphics, or sales videos, or a webinar, or screenshots of testimonials etc. and just writing you this casual letter. 

I am literally trying to discourage you from joining me.

Now, it’s going to sound ultra-righteous when I say this and I recognize it, but if you know me I am not that type of guy…

  • I don’t do a lot of 1on1 mentoring, I just don’t have the time
  • I have my own commitments (personal and business) just like you
  • My Legends 1on1 program has a 3+ year waitlist and the waitlist grows weekly
  • And I want to be able to help entrepreneurs who are ready hit their goal
  • Which is why I designed this program…

… called The First Million Mastermind.

It is a private, group program where I work with you personally to help you build a framework and execute on your way to your first million in income.

This could be for you only if:

  • You are ready to commit to being with people who want to hit their first million (time frame not relevant, commitment is paramount)
  • You are friendly and collaborative
  • You are not looking for an industry specific program
  • You have 1hr per week to dedicate to your growth

Here is the structure:

  • We meet weekly in a private mastermind session where I work with you live in a hot-seat, learn, teach and build things live format
  • I not only bring you my best actionable ideas but I also pull back the curtain and show you how I run things in my business, in my private mastermind groups and what I am sharing with the CEOs I mentor
  • You get all my courses, trainings, and products… everything that I have is yours during this program (this alone makes it a no brainer)
  • You get direct access in AMA (Ask Me Anything) format where I can help you directly with your business and your specific situations to grow and hit your goals
  • I am going to launch a new executive newsletter called the CEO Playbook in mid-2021, which you will get automatic access to as part of the program ($197/mo)
  • You get first access to all that I do because I want to see you hit that goal

Special bonus…
For the first wave of members only: I have created a private Facebook messenger live chat group where you can mastermind and you have direct access to me… think Sharran in your pocket.

NOTE: The current group of members put this as the highest value of all. 



Get all my products and courses for free as part of your mastermind membership... activated immediately
$ 3953 Yours FREE with your membership
  • Productivity Playbook - $580
  • Money Multiplier System - $997
  • Live Mentoring Collection - $497
  • Productivity Acceleration Pack - $497
  • Done-For-You Organizer - $97
  • Objection Handling Framework - $197
  • Set-Show-Close System - $197
  • High Ticket Closing Blueprint - $97
  • Sales IQ System - $497
  • PLUS: get access to the new courses I build with your membership

Full Transparency

  • I have already launched this group and it is… amazing.
  • As soon as I open it up to the public, I am going to launch it for $497/mo, which in itself is a steal.
  • But just for the first wave of members right now I am offering it at a massive 33% discount with a special offer of just $1,000/quarter.  
  • No contracts, no commitments, just month-to-month. If this is not delivering insane value, you can walk away anytime.  


There is a good chance this is not for you. Which is why I want you to feel no pressure whatsoever. 

I have been working on a vehicle where I can pour my energy and effort into to help entrepreneurs achieve that first million goal… which I know is just a stepping stone into a world of greatness after that: 

I have never met anyone that has made their first million dollars in income where it hasn’t changed their lives and belief system forever and I want to be on that special journey with you.


Honestly, this is a no-brainer if you are the right fit.

All my trainings and programs will activate for you immediately

>>> Apply now (1 minute application)

See you on the inside 🙂 

Sharran “First Million Baby Yoda” Srivatsaa

PS: if you have any questions, just DM me on Instagram and I am happy to answer them personally for you. 

PS: If you are really interested and want to talk to a current member of the program to hear about exactly what it's like... I highly encourage it and I am happy to make introductions. Just DM me on instagram or email my team and just put "FMM Intro" in the subject line and we'll get you connected.

Sharran Srivatsaa


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