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If you are an entrepreneur, service provider, coach or consultant and you use video consultations or in-person presentations to get new clients, then you absolutely must read this page...

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The proven, step-by-step sales process that has been battle-tested with a 94.5% appointment conversion rate and single-handedly responsible for over $457 million in sales in just 18 months...

It takes 26 minutes to swipe and deploy this kindergarten-simple system.


Tens of thousands of dollars being made every single day using the
EQ/IQ Rollover Sales System

"2 out of 3 deals closed, 66% conversion using Sharran's EQ/IQ rollover system within the first 24 hours"
Dylan Starr
Top High-Ticket Sales Coach
"It is kindergarten easy and if you don't know it you are missing out on boat loads of cash."
Isaac Lara
Private Copywriter to 7 and 8-figure Entrepreneurs


→ The completely unorthodox secret that the CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein taught me about attracting clients with integrity (And once you see how it works, you can implement this immediately into your business… Minute 00:27)

→ The only 4 frameworks you need to explain your value proposition (used by brands like Nike, Apple, Marvel Comics, and the San Francisco 49ers that can make outrageously high prices almost expected (Meaning: if you have always wanted to charge high prices for your services but didn’t know how to justify it… just start using one of these frameworks immediately… Minute 12:31)

→ How Gary Vee and many other popular influencers are creating “brand authority” at a massive scale (And when done strategically, begins to effortlessly attract fans and followers who consistently turn into the best leads and prospects for you… Minute 7:12)

→ How to “ethically hypnotize” prospects into wanting to hire you, even before you have actually told them how you can actually help them and how much you even charge! (This one strategy alone will teach you how to “win before you arrive” and the power of authority and positioning with a 15-min strategy call to warm up the pitch… Minute 10:52)

→ The “easy as kindergarten” content strategy to get instant “brand recognition” about who you area and what you do, even if not many people know who you are in your marketplace.  (This totally unfair strategy does not involve spending a penny and but systematically uses the work you have already done to position you as an badass)

→ The “bragging without bragging” presentation approach (seen in movies like the Matrix, Shawshank Redemption, Top Gun and Pretty Woman) that allows you to showcase your service model without even sounding remotely arrogant or bashing on your competition. (Because telling the truth while doing it in service of the client is the best approach after all… Minute 17:07)

Best of all, this is not something you have to spend hours and hours reading, learning and role playing.

You can learn the entire system by just watching ONE 26 minute video!

Learn The Entire System in Just 26 Minutes

Learn the entire system in just 26 minutes and even watch the live workshops where you can see the entire process put into play from content creation to closing the sale:

Note: This training program retails for $997. This is a one-time offer with a 90% discount and it will automatically disappear once you close this page! 


#1: How Does The EQ/IQ Rollover Sales System Work?

With the EQ/IQ Rollover Sales System, I give you an over-the-shoulder look at a proven, step-by-step sales process that has been battle-tested with a 94.5% appointment conversion rate and single-handedly responsible for over $457 million in sales in just 18 months.

You’ll get to discover and use…The 2-minute, stress-free content creation formula that attracts your 5-star prospects to you on auto-pilot without having to do fancy videos, long-form blog posts, or never-ending webinars.

The perfect framework for conducting 15-minute “strategy” calls, including how to structure them, how to pre-qualify prospects, and how to “tease” them with your kindness and expertise simultaneously. This way, you get a pipeline full of qualified prospects who want to work with you.

The step-by-step “attraction” sequence on how to conduct your sales pitch where you go from creating instant rapport and qualifying your prospect to presenting the solution and creating an environment where they want to work with you (even before you ask them to).

The 4-proven value proposition frameworks that you can immediately “plug and play” into your business to showcase your expertise visually. Specifically, the EQ/IQ rollover process shows you how to take the prospect’s problem and integrate it with your value proposition naturally.


#2: Will This Work For Me? 

I get it.

You’re feeling a bit skeptical about the EQ/IQ Rollover Sales System, which is okay. I understand where you’re coming from.

I was a bit skeptical too when I first learned the principle and tactics behind this sales system.

This is why I want you to take out the EQ/IQ Rollover Sales System for a test drive.

If in the next 30 days you don’t get the results you want, I’ll give you a full refund.

It’s called my “EQ/IQ Rainmaker ” Guarantee.

I’m confident you’ll absolutely love the EQ/IQ Rollover Sales System.

That’s why I’m taking on all the risk for you to give it a try.

#3: How Do I Get Started With The EQ/IQ Rollover Sales System?

This is the easiest part!

Just click the button below, and then fill out your information so we can give you access to the EQ/IQ Rollover Sales System.

This means that in the few moments you’ll get to start using my proven system that has been battle-tested with a 94.5% appointment conversion rate and single-handedly responsible for over $457 million in sales in just 18 months.

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