5 Big Ideas from Robin Sharma’s Personal Mastery Academy

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I attended Robin Sharma’s personal mastery academy this past weekend. For those of you that know me, I have attended a lot of events and conferences and spend a lot of time and resources thinking about personal growth. This was by far the best event I have ever attended in my life, yet.

  1. The Well of Will Power
  2. World Class Formula
  3. Money is the inevitable by-product of…
  4. The brain loves movement
  5. Genius is not genetic

#1: The Well of Will Power
We all know that will power is an exhaustible resource. Its not your trustworthy companion over long periods of time. Robin talked about how will power is like a well, and the more we take from it the less we have of it in a given period. And the biggest takeaway for me was that will power for most seems to be strongest in the morning, so do your most important work in the morning so you can make good decisions.

#2: World Class Formula
Elite Performance + Deep Refueling = World Class.

That should make sense but when Robin talked about how it was 50% each, it blew my mind. The entire concept of refueling… rest and relaxation was amazing. “We get paid to rest”. We are doing ourselves a disservice if we don’t create time and space for recovery as we need it to do the important work. This can be sleep, rest, play, fun, and indulgences… growth happens in the recovery.

#3: Money is the inevitable by-product of…
I love this conceptual definition: Money is the inevitable by-product of value created and craft delivered. It makes me ask the question what kind of value can I bring… and even more importantly who do I need to become, what do I need to learn, and how can I get better at my craft.

#4: The brain loves movement
The brain loves movement. How many times have you had great ideas come to you when you were driving your car, or riding in an airplane, or in the shower. There is a primal nature that reactivates when we are on the “hunt” or on the move, where there is activation of the powerful primal operating system which we can tap into for our daily work.

#5: Genius is not genetic
Sure, we can have a genetic edge. Here are some powerful references to genius… Genius is a dangerous sport… world class is not a game for the faint of heart… small daily seemingly insignificant improvements when done consistently over time lead to stunning results of genius. And my favorite… the backstory of genius is suffering. Phew.

Which one was your favorite idea?

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