5 Lessons I have learned from Mom and Dad in 2020

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I want to give you the five lessons I have learned from my Mom and Dad this year.

While they may appear simple on the surface, don’t forget that they are grounded in wisdom, battle-tested with experience, crafted with elegance, and wrapped in a blanket of love.

Normally my parents visit us every summer, but this year they couldn’t do that because of the obvious stuff that 2020 has presented to us.

While they don’t say much, I always get insane perspective from spending time with them… even if its just on FaceTime.

They have what you would want in the perfect mentor… unconditional love, deep experience, have been where we are, some genetic hooks so they know the general personality and disposition, and will dish out the advice in the softest possible way.

Here are the 5 lessons, but you must understand the context behind them:

  1. Don’t Call Us
  2. Walking is Exercise
  3. Be Honest With Yourself
  4. Carry Water Everywhere
  5. Pay for Peace of Mind


Let’s break it down really quick…

1: Don’t Call Us

You know when parents always say, “Call us”… well this time it was very simple: instead of saying ‘call us’… my parents flipped it… “Hey, answer the phone or FaceTime when we call you.”

Silly me… right then is when I just understood priorities and for this I am going to take a lot of flak. The world has changed… its not about calling your clients, or calling your friends, or calling your grandma. In today’s world, we (somewhat) signal our priorities in life by whose phone call we answer / respond to.

2: Walking Is Exercise

I was talking to my Dad about his routine… walk, blah blah, walk, blah blah, walk, blah blah, eat, walk, blah blah, walk, blah blah, eat, walk, sleep. My Dad is in better shape than I am… I am not just impressed but I am also embarrassed. This is what he told me – “Dude, just take a walk… after you do anything just take a walk. If you can’t take a walk, just pace in your hallway or take the stairs a few times.” And my Dad literally walked the walk of his advice… right before he went to bed while spending time with us, he would just walk the hallways of the house. Take a walk!

3: Be Honest With Yourself

Just be honest with yourself… what do you really want?

You don’t have to keep up with the Jones’… the sooner you realize that the better.

But most of us are stuck the loop of looking at greener pastures. Remember, the grass is greener where you water it.

You just have to keep up with your ever changing imagination which can get very stressful. What do your really want… if you want money, how much? No judgement. If you want to optimize your health, what does that mean? If you want time with the family, be honest with yourself… don’t show up at home and then claim that you are home while you are in the corner on the couch on your phone.

Be really honest with yourself.

4: Carry Water Everywhere

I have no memory of my Dad ever drinking water, let alone carrying any water.

I said to my Dad the last time he was here, “Hey Dad, want to go on a drive… let’s go pickup some vegetables and milk from the grocery store.”

Of course he wanted to go with me… but he made a diversion, went back into the house, grabbed a water bottle, and then jumped in the car. I was stunned.

Then he and I talked at length about staying hydrated, staying strong, staying sharp, beat stress, beating anger, beating frustration, staying focused… he just refuses to go anywhere without a water bottle.

We know we should do it… if you don’t hydrate more than you think you should, you are probably dehydrated.

5: Pay for Peace of Mind

This was an awesome takeaway for me… we talked about how we pay for peace of mind.

It could be small things like paying for travel insurance, flying on a private jet or larger items like getting kids to private school. (I was ultra self-conscious about this stuff… OK not the jet)

Whatever it is, when you break it down, you start paying for peace of mind.

We talked about how our lives would be a lot more stress free if we just prioritized paying for peace of mind.

  • What is bothering you right now?
  • Do you need an assistant to input all your contacts from your phone to your laptop?
  • Do you need a VA to organize your email folders and unsubscribe to the junk?
  • Do you need someone to just come and clean the house so that you don’t have to?


Ask the question: Can someone else more qualified than me, who may actually enjoy this more than me, do what I don’t want to do… or heck, do it better?

Please read that again.

It’s 100% OK to pay for peace of mind.

There is a funny but very real quote and while I refrain from money related quotes because I only get hate mail because of it, this seems appropriate… “If you can afford to write a check to solve a problem, you don’t have a problem.”

There you have it… the 5 lessons that I learned from Mom & Dad in 2020:

  1. Don’t Call Us
  2. Walking is Exercise
  3. Be Honest With Yourself
  4. Carry Water Everywhere
  5. Pay for Peace of Mind


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