7.5 Listing Presentations Strategies That Are Guaranteed to Make You More Money


Let me ask you a question that could potentially change the very financial bloodline of your family…

What if I could give you the structure of a proven (client) listing presentation that could give you a 94.5% success rate in the living room (with clients you have never met before)? 

Even better… what if I could do it in under an hour and you don’t have to do anything but hit play on the video below?

You are in luck…because I have only shared these secrets behind closed doors and in private mastermind groups and my friends at Lab Coat Agents asked if I would share this in a live interview that can benefit everyone.

Below you will see the live interview’s recording I did with my friend Kevin Markarian, CEO of Marker Real Estate,  LCA executive and a total bada**. Before you dig in, you will see that Kevin and I have a lot of context so we will be going really fast… and we are pretending like nobody watching and we are just masterminding. That’s that power of this intense experience.

You will also hear some personal stories as we kick it off which is our gift to you.   (Thank you Kevin)

The force multiplier of having this installed in your presentation flow is not just winning more listings. It is way bigger than that. Here is the key…when you know exactly how to deliver your unique value proposition, it will automatically light a fire in your belly to go out and prospect more, so that you can have more appointments and opportunities to deliver your magic.

That to me is the game changer!

I really want you to obsess about learning these skills and making them your own because these are battle-tested across hundreds of appointments, across marketplaces, across agents, and across price points… almost nobody can replicate this level of personal experience and process deconstruction and I am excited for you to install into your business and (as promised) watch it change the financial bloodline of your family.

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