The Raw Power of Pre-Launch | Podcast with Steve Olson

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If you tell a client there’s a shortcut to selling their home at a much higher price, would they believe you? If not, why not? In this episode of the Million Dollar Playbook, Sharran sits down with Steve Olson to discuss The Raw Power of Pre-Launch, and how it can influence the closure of deals. Listen to learn how Steve uses the pre-launch to set up eye-popping sales, and how Sharran differentiates who you should be in the marketplace from who you shouldn’t be.

3 Key Points

  1. If you want to become an above-average agent, you need to become a master of the pre-launch.
  2. “Of course” marketing leads to “of course” results. “Wow” marketing leads to “wow” results.
  3. The pre-launch lets you test the market interest level and the competitiveness of the price.

Show Notes

  • 01:13 – Pre-launch is not just a tactic for agents to get leads but something that adds value
  • 01:35 – “The power of pre-launch is so immense”
  • 01:59 – Steve influenced Sharran to look at pre-launch as a mindset and not just as a strategy
  • 02:25 – Steve started doing pre-launch years ago
  • 02:57 – Agents rush to market because they don’t have a strategy – their only option is MLS
  • 03:14 – “We market effectively to find the buyer directly and sell them directly for 2 reasons”
    • 03:28 – A more efficient business model
    • 03:49 – When we market to find the buyer directly, a home tends to sell for more
  • 04:11 – When you have scarcity in the sales process, buyers tend to act quicker
  • 04:56 – MLS is usually used as a crutch instead of a resource and platform for leverage
  • 07:50 – Sharran’s takeways
    • 08:03 – Most agents don’t have a way to reach buyers directly
    • 08:14 – Pre-launch is a way to politely turn other agents down
  • 09:26 – Positioning the value of a pre-launch
    • 09:51 – Differentiating from “of course” marketing (what everybody does)
    • 10:19 – How to market a home if the MLS didn’t exist
  • 11:03 – Once you disqualify all “of course” marketing, you’re forced to rise above
  • 13:23 – Steve’s average sales price for townhomes and single-family homes is $853K
    • 13:34 – When you can give clients stats, you can prove that the most money is available within 30 days of listing
  • 14:17 – Pre-launch is so effective because you get to test the interest level and get to test the price
  • 16:23 – Things that Steve does in the pre-launch phase
    • 17:01 – Launch an open house the day before it goes public
      • 17:32 – Create and show ads 4-5 days before the event
      • 17:51 – Email-only follow ups for this type of ad
      • 18:38 – Follow up sequence should have an email right away
      • 19:06 – It should have a disclaimer of “by invitation only”
      • 19:57 – On the day of the event people should also get an email reminder
      • 22:36 – The demographic of the neighborhood is one factor in the ads
      • 23:17 – Steve sets the ad for 2 miles around the home
    • 24:19 – “You can create a whole brand in pre-launch”
    • 24:46 – “People of wealth love the be the source for information”
    • 25:34 – “Agent centricity is stupid”
    • 27:04 – For people who understand the numbers, give them the data
    • 28:35 – Don’t get lost in the details, just let the client know about your process
    • 30:05 – Let the client know what you can do is something the average agent can’t

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