What is Work-Life Balance, Really?

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Work-Life Balance… It’s something pretty much everyone claims to be chasing.

But sadly, I’m here to tell you it’s an illusion. Work-Life Balance is nothing more than a modern-day excuse people use for not doing the work to create the life they really want. When I learned to stop chasing the elusive myth called work-life balance and instead did the following two things, my business success and my personal life improved immensely.

  1. Create Extreme Clarity. Without a crystal clear vision of where you want to go, you’ll end up anywhere. The first step to creating the life you desire is getting ultra-specific about your goals. You have to create a vivid vision of what you want. Be as detailed as possible in your visualization. How do you look, feel, act? What things do you have? Who do you hang out with? What does the office you walk into feel like? Exactly how much money do you have in each of your accounts? Every single detail matters. When you have the technicolor vision of what you want, then you’re ready for step #2.
  2. Co-create Priorities with a Mentor. You can create the vision by yourself, but this part has to be done with the help of a coach or mentor — someone who knows you very well and has the same values. Someone who is completely aligned with the goals you want to achieve. When you work with a coach to create your priorities, you ensure that you’re on the path towards your vision. Having a support system in place to lift you up, keep you accountable, and aligned with your goals is one of the most important things you need as an entrepreneur. Those without the nurturing platform of support to lift them up are never as successful as those entrepreneurs who have great relationships with their mentors and/or their family. When you try to create your priorities by yourself, you’ll end up with too many and be unfocused. Remember, you can have everything, just not at the same time. Entrepreneurs always want to do more, have more, be more. It’s part of our DNA…But a great coach will be able to see where you want to go and help you hone in on exactly the activities you need to focus on to get where you want to be.

Once your priorities are firmly in place, it gets easy to determine which opportunities you need to embrace and what you need to turn down. From there, your next destination is arriving at the life you’ve envisioned for yourself. No detours, no wasted time. It’s like you have the course all mapped out — you just have to choose it.

Remember — Balance is an illusion. Priorities are a choice.

Have you worked with a coach or mentor that helped you create the life of your dreams? Tell me about it in the comments — I love hearing your success stories!

All the best,


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