Episode 105: How to Scale Your Business


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Are you ready to scale your business? And do you know exactly how to do that? Today, Sharran lets you in on his proven structure for scaling your business. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in; this Four-Phase Structure will work for you. What’s important is that you have the thinking tool to help you know what happens in each phase, figure out which phase your business is in, and find out what you can do to scale your business.

The Four Phases are: Standardize, Optimize, Grow, and Scale. Tune in to the episode to learn more about each phase. 

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“When you can confidently predict what will happen, it makes the business significantly more joyful.”

– Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00 Do you know how to scale your business?

03:51 The Four Phases of Scaling Your Business

04:08 Phase #1: STANDARDIZE – Attraction, Conversion, Delivery

05:04 How do you get more people into your world? 

06:10 How do you generate opportunities?

07:03 What is your offer and unique selling proposition?

09:33 Two things that happen once you Standardize the Happy Path

10:01 Phase #2: OPTIMIZE – Mapping the Journey on a Flowchart

10:45 How do you map the journey? Try to visualize it while Sharran gives a run-through.

13:56 Ask yourself this: “What is one 15-minute upgrade that I can make?”

16:37 How do you know when your upgrade is done?

17:52 Phase #3: GROW – Hire or Acquire the Capability

20:05 What does investing in a coaching program do?

21:41 The Two Phases of Growth –  How do you get more business, and what infrastructure do you need?

22:05 Taking a look at a critical metric

23:10 What else should you know about growing your business?

23:28 What is The Learning Algorithm?

24:42 The Swamp of Success and why it matters

26:34 Phase #4: SCALE – How do you define it? 

30:16 Why is it so important to map the process?



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