Episode 9: From Gambling Debts to Copywriting Millions with Justin Goff

Episode 9: From Gambling Debts to Copywriting Millions with Justin Goff
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I first met Justin Goff at a private round-table mastermind with Jason Capital and Dan Lok in Newport Beach about 4 years ago.

That day Justin gave me three pieces of advice that has easily made my companies 7-figures in additional income.

And I am excited to share his magic with you on this podcast….

From Gambling Debts To Copywriting Millions
with Justin Goff

  • Why most people tell stories the wrong way (and how to fix it by installing the single most important component of a story that sells every time)
  • What is the single best way to build an completely engaged email list (without using a fancy funnel or facebook ads)
  • Why your sales pages need a lot more copy than you think (and exactly why a bunch of pretty pictures alone isn’t enough)
  • Why you may be lying to yourself about the size of your email list with mass opt-ins via piddly ebooks and useless lead magnets (and more importantly who is the best type of person on your email list)
  • How your money mindset affects everything that you do (and how to quickly upgrade it regardless of where you are from)
  • How a daily email can change your life forever (and how to not take 2 hours to write that email!)
  • How to exactly commit to a coaching relationship that delivers more ROI that you can ever imagine


Justin is a natural storyteller and has the midnight radio DJ voice… so when you listen to this episode make sure you are not operating any heavy machinery.


Connect with Justin Goff:

Justin is best known for helping marketers and business owners to convert their offers on cold traffic. He grew his own supplement company to $23 million in sales in just under three years by focusing on cold traffic growth. From gambling debts to millions in revenue, he shares the lessons he’s learned in the world of copywriting and marketing.

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