How to be fully present without putting away your phone

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Today I am going to tell you about how to be “fully present” without putting away your phone.

No joke.

In today’s hyper distracting world, one of the most transformative skills to have is that of being fully present.

Some of you have stopped reading already as you skimmed the first sentence and moved on.

This one is for you.

We get over fourteen thousand commercial messages targeted at us every single day. Yet when we are sitting in a meeting we can’t put our phones away?

Yes, I mean physically away… out of sight.

We respond to every ring, ding, and bing.

The majority of it is not even great news. Most of the time it’s based on someone else trying to get you to work on their to-do list.

But, while most people think putting away the phone will make us more present, separation from it actually causes strange anxiety for most of us. Think about the last time you misplaced your phone around the house, or when you left home without it, or heck, when it just ran out of battery.

So let’s not work in realm of impracticality.

Keep your damn phone, there is a better way (for now).

My coach identified this as a big thing that created a lot of emotional volatility and diminished productivity in my day.

We worked on a very simple exercise where before every single meeting, I would take a 30-second pause and clearly define my intention for the meeting.

I would very clearly articulate:

  1. Why I was there
  2. What outcome I was seeking, and most importantly
  3. “Who” should show up

The “who” was a cool twist.

Am I leader, am I coach, am I mentor, am I friend, am I a student, am I a volunteer, am I collaborator, am I colleague, am I husband… or am I Dad?

It may be too hokey for you, but it works.

Just imagine the friction it can cause when I show up as relentless, head-strong entrepreneur instead of Loving Dad to my little daughter’s recital.

The way you commit to being fully present is not just by putting your electronics away, meh.

Come on. Let’s be real.

Your mind is still working.
You are still distracted.
You are still in your head.

The way to do it is to make an intentional state change… show up as who you need to show up, and your environment will re-align instantly to your state.

It will change your life. I am working on this a lot this year.

Your thoughts?
PS: I did a CNBC interview on this topic, I am #2. Click here to read


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