Don’t forget another great idea ever again

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Sometimes, do you immediately see what “could be”?
Ok, that had no context… let me explain:

Maybe you look at a run-down home and you see how you could transform it to a beautiful cottage?

Maybe you see a pile of scrap metal and you can envision a wonderful sculpture?

Or maybe you are at a restaurant and you see how you could install a new process that you make it run much smoother?

Or you see a picture and immediately visualize the perfect caption / marketing piece?

It has happened to all of us, b
ut why don’t we take action?

I believe it’s because we don’t have a bulletproof system to capture our best ideas. Plain and simple.

So many amazing ideas die in our minds even before we turn the corner, even before we get the next text message, or heck, even before we take the next sip of our coffee. Tweet This

I have made it a point recently of making the idea (somewhat of) a reality by just recording it instantly on a voice memo on my phone.

I talk to my phone just like I am talking to a friend.

It would go something like this — “So dude, check this out… wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just push a button and have the new puppy automatically trained, like the matrix for dogs?”

Besides wanting access to all the voice memos on my phone right now (creepy), do you think you will be able to get that next amazing idea and inspiration out of your head and take the first step into bringing it to life?

Are you going to try it?

PS: BTW, some of my best ideas, podcast episodes, and even “products” that have made us gobs of money have come from recording a simple voice memo on my phone. Just sayin’…


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