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I was eight years old when my Mom and I were on this multi-day cross-country train ride. I don’t remember where we were going or why but I remember the journey itself like yesterday. After a few hours of playing every board game that we had packed, and every “word game” we could think of, and using every piece of blank paper to play tic-tac-toe, I was bored. Heck, she was too.

So I started asking my Mom questions. She patiently answered each one. But I did not stop. I kept going. Where was she going to go. I had her cornered. I asked question after question on every topic under the sun. I learned about her family, and her friends, and her struggles and her sacrifices. Her love for her brothers and sisters and her deep respect for her parents. She even told me stories about how she and my Dad had to live apart for a while when they had gotten married, how they wrote letters to each other during that time, and worked their faces off to make ends meet. I could go on and on! I would wager she doesn’t remember any of this but I recall it all like it just happened.

However, the big idea for me here is the power of questions. When I am trying to be social, I can make a ton of small talk. I am decent at it because its a game for me. However, when I want to go deep, I have learned that questions can unlock the deepest of memories, the most beautiful of stories, and the rawest of emotions. I will never forget that travel day when I got that deep appreciation for the life that my Mom had lived… and I am grateful that I have a big piece of her in me. All by asking a sh*t ton of questions.

What is your favorite question to ask someone?

PS: Love you, Mom.


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