One magic word got a total stranger to propose

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Our #1 platform for engagement.

About 6 months ago I went all in. I threw myself out there. I can’t lie. Shame, rejection and the risk of getting my ego knocked out as hard & bloody as Apollo in his first fight with Rocky were all in the back of my head. 
I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.
I just knew it was the right thing to do. For my business, my personal brand and my personal growth. So I took a leap of faith. Like a kid preparing for his first kiss. With sweaty palms and my heart pounding like a jackhammer in my chest, I timidly leaned in.
Nah… just kidding.
I went all in… like a #rockstar#.
And I killed it.
My inbox exploded.
Emails started flooding in. “I can’t stop thinking about you”; “You’re the love of my life”; “I love you to death”; “I can’t stop thinking about you”…
… and some #adult content# I should not reveal.
Women started sending me postal love letters. Yes. You heard me right. “Postal” letters. Not just plain & boring emails. Ol’ school ‘paper & ink’ love messages.
Then it got ugly.
= = = = = =
Enough daydreaming ranting. 
If you know me, you’ve already figured out all the above was just some random “dump” of my creative mind 🙂
Except for one thing. One word actually.
One magic word (that) got a total stranger to propose.

Our #1 platform for engagement. 

Since I started my Podcast 6 months ago, with a new episode every Tuesday, I had heart-warming feedback.
”I wait for your new episode every Tuesday.”; “… bro, I’ve learned more about business from your show than anywhere else.”; “… just the episode on finding a mentor was like an MBA for me”; “… I’m buying whatever you are selling”; “… how can I talk to you about investing in our company?”; and of course….
”Will you marry me?”
Having launched our Podcast just 6 months ago, we’ve seen massive engagement and trackable results from our shows, our interviews and our communication around it.
More powerful than a proposal was pure inbound results like #Engagement, #Subscribers across platforms, #Referrals, #Sales of products, #Invitations to speak, #Consulting, and #investing in companies via our Fund.
A Podcast is a very powerful “engagement” platform. 
And if you haven’t considered it yet, ask yourself if: 
  • You’re not exploring this platform because it doesn’t fit your business?
  • Or because of something deeper that has nothing to do with your business and…  everything to do with you?
Being an entrepreneur ain’t easy. I know that first hand. That’s why I share everything I’ve learned about business productivity in a course▼▼▼ that you can grab for free.
Get in now. 
You won’t regret it. 



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