Tennis nerds win Engagement Masters

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Reach a specific target on Instagram.

Tennis is like any other sport. Once your reach a certain level, it’s all mindset. To get to that level, you need to walk the walk. You must understand the rules, and strategize your way around the court.
For online entrepreneurs?
Social media is their court. And algorithm the rules.
Except for one thing… 
Rules of tennis were written hundred years ago. And haven’t changed since.
They keep changing daily, if not by the microsecond.
Plus, tennis is an open book. Set in stone. No hidden pothole. Complete transparency.  
Not so much with algorithms.
Algorithms are tricky. You have to be resourceful. You don’t know what to expect. You have to figure them out. You have to go out there and try stuff out. Some will work. Most won’t.
There’s a lot going on using Instagram as one of your business platforms. Lots of uncertainty. Lots of frustration. Lots of self-questioning. Most entrepreneurs end up all other the place wondering what the secret sauce is.
If organic reach is dead, and Instagram doesn’t reward ad spend with greater reach, then what should you do to…

Reach a specific target on Instagram. 

I’ve been watching certain numbers on my personal Instagram profile. Also some of the CEOs I mentor, influencers that I coach, and founders of the companies I am invested in.
And here’s what I found out…
#Likes per post are down#
Mainly because of the mechanics behind organic reach. Is that a reason to worry? You tell me. When was the last time you watch something and pressed the “engagement” button?
#Comments per post are down#
Probably for the same reasons. People don’t have the time, neither the will to interact to such a “deep” level. Remember, we live in a *consumption* society, not an interaction society.
But here’s the good news…
#Story & Reels views are UP#
Right now, according to my own research, Instagram seems to be favoring short form & raw video. A “tide riser” for your post activity IMHO.
A new “no more” social era?
No more self-indulgence. No more selfies. No more small talk.
Today, it’s about being worthy of people’s time. It’s about communicating with warmth & authenticity. Without fear or self-restraint. Something I deep dived into, in my Podcast with Shadé Zharai.
Check out Episode 34 and discover how YOU can break through all the noise too.
Or grab ▼▼▼ my $1,000 course for free if you’d like a tennis inner game partner for more productivity & balance in your life.



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